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In case you missed my post on the un-boxing here is a picture of everything that was inside of my Good Life VoxBox 2013 box. Check out my un-boxing post for my video.


New-Skin® Liquid Bandage
Retails for $7.29

About New-Skin® Liquid Bandage:
New-Skin® Liquid Bandage and Liquid Bandage Spray can be used to help prevent bacterial contamination in minor cuts and scrapes. Both dry rapidly to form a tough protective cover that is antiseptic, flexible, waterproof, and lets skin breathe.

Just one stroke or spray protects the wound by keeping out dirt and germs and provides protection against infection with an antiseptic.

How It Works
The active ingredient in New-Skin® Liquid Bandage and Liquid Bandage Spray is 8- Hydroxyquinoline, a first aid antiseptic.

Available with a brush-on applicator or spray, New-Skin® Liquid Bandage can be used to protect minor cuts, scrapes, blisters and hangnails.

How to Use It

  • Clean affected area
  • Apply small amount on the area one to three times daily
  • Let dry
  • A second coating may be applied for extra protection
  • To remove, apply more New-Skin® Liquid Bandage and quickly wipe off

Who Should Use It
New-Skin® Liquid Bandage and Liquid Bandage Spray are great for runners, golfers, hikers, bikers, musicians, outdoor tradesmen, crafters and more.

Where to buy:
New-Skin® Liquid Bandage and Liquid Bandage Spray are available over the counter at more than 50,000 drug stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, mass merchants, club stores and convenience stores nationwide.

Important links:
For more information, visit Also be sure to check out New-Skin® products social media sites: Facebook and Twitter.

My New-Skin® Liquid Bandage Influenster Review:
I personally haven’t had the chance to try out the New-Skin Liquid Bandage but I can tell you that this product is great to have on hand especially if you have kids or if you’re prone to cuts and scrapes due to clumsiness. I have a 9 year old daughter who plays rough so having this on hand at all times is great. This liquid spray fits nicely in my purse, making it easier to tend to any cuts and scrapes my daughter got during play time. Plus, it definitely beats carrying a box of band-aids around in my purse.


After my daughter was outside riding her bike she ended up scrapping her knees pretty bad. She came running inside the house crying saying her knees hurt. We washed the area off pretty good and went to go grab a band-aid to cover it up. Then right in the middle of that I stopped in my tracks and remembered I got the New-Skin Liquid Bandage in my Goodlife VoxBox so off I went to go grab that instead of a regular band-aid. My daughter looked at me with a worried face and said mom that’s not a band-aid. I told her that it was but it was just in a liquid form. Still with a worried face we sprayed her knee with the New-Skin Liquid Bandage. The smell of it was kind of bad but didn’t linger around. It was gone within a few minutes of spraying. After about 10 minutes of spraying the liquid bandage my daughter was outside playing again. She said that it doesn’t feel like there is anything there and that she forgot that she scraped her knees. We both agree that the New-Skin Liquid Bandage lives up to what it says: it does dry pretty quick and does leave a tough protective barrier over the wound.

So with all that said, I will definitely buy this in the future as well as recommend this product to anyone who has kids or if you’re the type of person who gets cuts and scrapes all the time.

Have you tried the New-Skin® Liquid Bandage before? What did you think of it?

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